this week was awesome

back from tour. much to tell you about.

after the tour i decided to just…stay in richmond. so ya. i live in richmond virginia now. it’s cool. i been coming here for years and always loved it. the band is from here. more importantly though, i totally fell in love. more on this later.

i have started a new project with joe from smoke or fire. here’s a little preview of some of the songs we have been writing. so far we have written half an album. in 4 days.

yesterday we got a piano for $50. here’s smoke or fire boys and friends getting this thing (somehow) in to the house!

still writing one song per day. here’s a video of today’s song (just got out of shower…hair still drying haha)

over the weekend i went to new york and saw one of my all time fav bands of all time ever, the descendents. never in my life did i think i would be on the guestlist my first time seein ’em. nor would i believe i’d be in a vip section of the vip seciton. Bam! descendents back in your face!

the second show of the tour a friend showed up and asked if i wanted to get a tattoo. to commemorate the Elephant Rage Tour 2011 with the Southside Boys I got a tattoo of a crazed elephant at 11:30pm. then the words ‘breathe’. then i tattooed the words ‘remember’ over his LOST! tattoo.

i am going to be performing and speaking at TEDx on November 12th in Vancouver. really looking forward to this. while I am in town I am also gonna be speaking at a high school where a friend i went to school with in grade 8 currently teaches. i love this kind of stuff. SO much. it seriously is the best thing about being involved in music/this thing… getting to talk to people/kids about all the good times and maybe put a little thought in someone’s brain…wow.

talk soon. hope you are well.