The Quarry Demo

TMaking this one public so you get an idea of what we are doing over on Patreon.

What is Patreon?

It’s a subscription service where you pay a low monthly installment for exclusive content. It is a way to  directly fuel creativity because it contributes regularly to the creative process.  It is something I have dreamed of before it existed, because the traditional album cycle (Write An Album, Record It, Release It, Sell Copies for $10, Tour It, Do Nothing Until You Can Rinse and Repeat All That) never really made sense to me. I’m ALWAYS writing. I’m always doing something. Rather than release one thing every two years, I can release things as I write them, involving those who wish to be included in the creative process and behind the scenes stuff.

What do you get when you pay $1 a month? Exclusive demos of songs before they show up on new albums. Unreleased demos dating as far back as 2002. How about $5 a month? Videos of me rehearsing for a tour, cover videos of songs I’m learning/enjoying, studio footage, photos and random stuff I find on old hard drives. How about $10 a month? You get everything. Instructional videos, diary entries, stream of consciousness writing (what I do before I edit an idea in to a rough draft before it becomes a song) and entires from my biography as I write them. 

What do I get when you contribute? Everything. It inspires me to be more creative, writing more songs and putting out more albums. It makes me thankful for every day. It makes me work harder and gets me to hone in my focus. It makes me realize what is really important about this life that we are given. And, it pays for shipping vinyl overseas when I totally mess up on how much it is going to cost. It pays for my monthly ProTools subscription, time in the studio, guitar strings, pens and paper. It pays for guitar and amp repairs. It is a HUGE help.

Thank you those of you that are here, still here. As always, let me know what you’d like to see more of. I hope you can stay here forever with me. It is such a huge help. And such a cool thing. So much gets lost in the world of social media. We start to feel alone even though we are more connected than we have ever been. This safe place is away from all the noise, a place where we have a direct line to one another. Thank you so much for being here. Without you I’d just be screaming at the walls…more haha.


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