Free Country (New Song Demo)

Running out of things I can trust

Waiting on the side of a road for a bus that ain’t never gonna come

They cut the lines when we came undone

Nobody waits anymore

They’re all taking turns starting fights at the store

Everywhere I go there’s a crowd

Pulling down a mask just to say out loud

Last time I checked it was a free country

If you don’t like it then leave (Continued here:

If You Are Struggling Right Now… This Is For You

Well… Here we are.


Remember what it felt like? When it started?

The idea that you’d be stuck inside your house, for maybe a month? We all came across projections… estimates we didn’t want to believe.

A year?

Two years??

No… there is no way.

And yet… Somehow here we are.

As someone who has been perpetually seeking, reaching for something more, something better, some relief… I wanted to share what I have found in the darkness.

For I have spent a lot of time here. (continued here.

Break Through S1 Ep. 05 with Danny Biggane

Danny and I have known one another for years. He took the week off from his day job to curate and enjoy next week’s Spooky Movies. We talk about his life as a music journalist in the UK, and why these films made the cut.

Maniac Manic Monday: Us


Trick or Treat Tuesday: Frankenweenie


Weird Wednesday: Rosemary’s Baby


Fucked Up Thursday: The Visit


Freaky But Funny Friday 23: Evil Dead 1, then 2… and maybe even 3! 6pm START


Stephen King Saturday 24: It (1984)


6pm START Afterparty: It (2017)


Super Scary Sunday 25: The Omen (1976)


Listen Here.

Break Through S1 Ep3

IT’S OCTOBER!!!  I’m so excited about this month of movies and it has been so tough not to say anything about it haha.  

All month long, the Let’s Watch A Movie Together gang have curated our own special week of spooky movies. Expect a little something extra each week, about why we chose these particular movies.  Here’s this week’s list. I know that some of us are on different time zones, so if anyone would like to schedule their own same day viewing (like a 2pm CST for people overseas) in addition to our regular 9pm CST viewings…Go For It!

This week’s special guest playlist curator is Lee Horton. Lee played bass for both Billy & the Lost Boys AND a solo tour I did last year, with Let’s Watch A Movie Together founding member Toph Barnes on drums. There was a 12 year gap between these collaborations.

Hopefully we can play some shows together again in another 12 years.

Lee is a piercer and laser technician in London, Ontario. Hear why he picked his movies, and how COVID-19 has impacted his life and industry.

October 5 to October 11 – Lee Horton

Make Me Laugh Monday: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Netflix)
Teenage Us-es Tuesday: The Craft (Showtime) Get
Weird Wednesday: Pet Sematary (Prime)
Throwback Thursday: Hocus Pocus (Disney+)
Freaky Friday: The Conjuring (Rent for $3.99)
Super Scary Saturday: Insidious (Netflix)
Super Scary Sunday: Cabin Fever (Rent for $3.99)

Listen Here: