so, maybe you heard (maybe you heard it more than a couple times) i’ve been trying to record some songs. shouldn’t be that big of a deal. supposedly I am a song writer or something. but, this year was weird and things got strange and I needed help. your help.

and then you helped. over the course of some more months I got my butt in to studios from vancouver to virginia to toronto, dusted off some old songs and finished up some new songs. some videos were made. some friends were made. some recordings were made.

if you want the read in depth version of all this i feel like I could sum it up pretty quick. if you don’t want to read about it just accept this humble thank you and download the song. thank you.

I will tell you this much, if you care to listen.

everyone always says the same shit when they put out a record. “this is my best work” “i’m so proud of this” “look at me aren’t I fancy”. something happens when you are in a studio and there’s a red light on or a tape rolling and you know why you’re there and it’s just you and you alone. and what got you there are the people who believe in you. you stop feeling shitty about yourself and who you are and you start thinking hell, if these people believed in me this much, to donate their hard earned cash to pay for something that doesn’t even bloody well exist yet, maybe I’m not complete shit.

even if I am, it would be a damn tragedy if I didn’t keep trusting my gut, and listening to my instincts because they got me this far (in to that studio, I mean). and these people (ahem…I guess, You People), were fans of it enough to pre-order, make donations and have me mailed to your houses. so if what i do is shit, i guess that is just what you’re in to, and hey that is alright 😉

all I know is there isn’t a note, chord or lyric on here that I didn’t obsess over or question relentlessly. if I ever had a doubt or problem, i would ask my self “is this how my record sounds” or “is this the part that is on my record”. if ever I hesitated, the feeling that the music was supposed to be a certain way (almost like it already existed somewhere, in my head) always got me back in track.

cos if there is one thing I’ve learned it is this: if you don’t do something for the right reasons, it will never feel right. any success achieved by being something you’re not isn’t success.

so when you listen to these songs, these songs we made, you’re getting a real piece of me. and because you put me there, in those studios, it really is a real collaboration of you and I.

I have so many people to thank. I hope you know who you are. if you don’t than I really am shite haha

all the best, see you out there. and above all, Thank You.

We did it. We made it.