One Hundred Shows Later…

I think I played my 90th show of this year last night.

or something like that.

I really have lost track.

Another 20 or so to go this year.

What a crazy year.

I don’t even know where to start.

I’ve moved 6 times, had 4 different phone numbers and traveled more miles from January 21st to November 10th than I ever thought possible.

From BC to Winnipeg to LA to Toronto to LA to Toronto to LA to Vancouver to Toronto to Sydney Nova Scotia to Vancouver and now, the Newfoundland and back. Some of it flying but most of it in a car. In the last 3 months I’ve spent about 140 hours in a car…at least!!!!

I’m really excited to go to Newfoundland for my first time. I have always wanted to go and I feel very blessed that because of the kindness of Rex Goudie who is taking me on this tour, I will be playing 10 shows in his homeland. Thanks Rex. It really is a dream come true…and the last place in Canada I haven’t been! 😉

I’ve been having the best time of my life on this tour. If you’re wondering why I kinda “went dark” for awhile I was just dealing with moving and the stuff that goes along with it. It was also a real time of self reflection. but I’m back on my game now, and feeling better than ever. I’m really looking forward to the future and all the songs and adventure that it may have to offer.

That said, my goal this year is to find a way to release all the songs I’ve been writing. If you want to help me do this, I’m accepting your (very kind) donations to help me release some new music. There is a form on the front page of this site if you feel so inclined….accepting paypal, visa, mastercard…all that good stuff haha. Even if you just want to pre-order the album, every bit helps at this point.

Thank you so much to everyone who has attended a show, picked up a record, given me a lift, fed me, housed me, helped me, listened to me, supported me, given advice and hugs and love and all that. I feel so overwhelmed every time I think about how my friends (and fans) have been there for me this year. You’ve made me see how lucky I am. You’ve made me feel like I can do anything, because you believe in me.

K I’m getting all tear-y eyed so I’m gonna go now 🙂 hope to see you out there on that Lost road,