New Album

New Album

Well, here we go again.

This month Andy Hawkins is returning to Alabama from the UK to make his next album. March is dedicated to that, and a project with Alabama Public Television about the Women’s Rights Movement. Then, I’m heading into the Nutt House in Florence for five days to record some of these new songs.

I know I played nine new songs in Nashville in December, and wrote 15 in January. There are some stragglers I either need to finish or just make demos for (like the songs I just have videos of). I will post the consolidated demos here when I have them. Then I need to pick 10-12 of our favourites. My hope is that you guys will let me know if there are any you’d like to hear studio versions of, and if there are any that maybe aren’t your favourite or are fine living out the rest of their days as phone recordings. There are 25-30 to choose from.

My suspicion is that there are around 5 slow piano ballads, five acoustic fingerpicked songs, five more uptempo rock songs and then maybe a handful more of each of those and a few that I’m not sure how to categorize. The first songs that are picked will help define a little more clearly what kind of album this is going to end up being. Right now I don’t know. I just have 25 or so songs, many of them cowrites. It’s possible I may turn the cowrites into their own thing and just focus on songs I wrote on my own for this new album. Still thinking. Anyway justed to keep you in the loop…one more month and we begin the cycle again 🎉

If you would like to stay updated about the new album, join me here as we roll out demos and more: