New Album

The votes are in. 

Thank you for voting, and thank you for listening. 

At least two of these songs I never would have imagined would make the cut. There are a couple I was so sure would make the cut, but in the end, did not. I’m glad I have you guys here to help. I’m thinking about all the ideas I have thrown out over the years. I wish Patreon had existed back then haha. 

I’m going to upload the scratch tracks for two more songs written earlier this year that I almost snuck in on days 30 and 31. I wanted them to be included in the voting process, and started to convince myself that 29 new songs in 31 days was still something to be proud of. In the end, I decided against it, and went on to write Goodbye, Brooklyn and Stay as a result. Somehow, the 30th and 31st consecutive songs that I wrote…got the most votes.

The most surprising thing about ALL of this is that the more songs I wrote, the more votes they got. The first couple songs ranked pretty well, but as the month continued, you seemed to like the newer songs. Maybe it means I improved, maybe it just forced me to write in different ways and in different styles. This has been an illuminating experience. Thank you for your contribution.

Here is the track listing for my next musical release.