Music Video for New Orleans Night

I am so excited to share this music video with you.

Director Derek Ford did a great job. There are moments that made me super emotional every single time I watched the rough cuts (and trust me, there were a *lot* of rough cuts haha…thank you Derek for your patience with this) and I’m really happy with the way it all ties together, my original vision for “Stars, Exploding”.

There is a super crazy vinyl sale going on at the online store. $20 including shipping to anywhere in the world. If you live overseas it is like $15 to ship so you are essentially getting the record for less than cost. I recommend getting one now before I realize how crazy this is of me 😉

Tomorrow and Friday night I have two shows in Toronto, these will be my only Canadian dates. I am going back to Europe for shows in London with the Loyalties on March 30 and Berlin April 18th. April 19th I play at the Ramones Museum in Berlin and April 20th in Amsterdam. Will be announcing more dates soon. March 21st I play at Shanghai Cowgirl on Queen Street W. at 11pm and March 22nd I am at C’est What at 11pm. March 24th I will be in Allan Park, MI.

Please repost this video. All the people involved worked for free in the hopes of just gaining some exposure. I really hope this video reaches a lot of people because it truly was a labour of love by the people involved…so let’s pay it forward people!

Love you forever,