moving day

well i finally found a place to live. it’s awesome. it’s in my old hood, even closer to the good stuff (the pool, the park, the stuff, the yoga class, the other stuff). the house is 95 years old, with an attic that we are turning in to a library. and they said i could have a piano :*} so if anyone has a piano they want to get rid of me, lemme know.
i can’t wait to have my own space to create. i have a million half finished song ideas in my phone and on various pieces of paper in numerous suit cases, back packs and note books. most of all i can’t wait to get near a piano. like a real piano. and play it in a real house, with wood floors, the kind of wood floors that sing like the house is the piano and the whole box and every key is just…hooked up.
i can’t even begin to describe how stupid the circumstances of my ‘eviction’ were. not until every last article of my belongings was packed up (by someone not me) in to a van on it’s way to a temporary storage place, did i finally get a text saying ‘i think there’s been a misunderstanding’. ya, no shit. no one told me why i was kicked out, or if i had done something to deserve this. they just ignored me and then said the room i was gonna sleep in was still, after 2 months, full of stuff. then they let me couch surf for a week, lying every day saying they were ‘so busy’ and ‘so sorry’. monday rolls around and in comes the text saying only ‘we need to talk’.
a note to all you future land-people…when someone is wondering if they are homeless, texting ‘we need to talk’ is probably not the best way to tell them. Especially after a week of lies and couch surfing? Just saying.
Director Douglas Thomson made this video for the song Diamonds in that old house. He has worked with the likes of Bif Naked and Squeeze.
here’s to better times, and closing one chapter and opening the next. crazy what can happen/change/exist/not in less than a year huh…