jimmy doesnt want to be friends and the greatest moment of my life, srsly.

today’s mug is: barcelona. got this at the picasso museum. my second time at viewing a large body of his work (the first was in virginia). at this point in my life i have seen over 3500 of his pieces.

today’s record. cover by joni mitchell.

yesterday’s song: today is still yesterday stream of consciousness rough draft

today is still yesterday almost done:

today i’m working on a song called jimmy doesn’t want to be friends. i was flipping through some pictures online and came across my friend from the *******, a los angeles band that has always been great and recently was working/touring with mike ness from social d. jimmy didn’t want to be friends…he wanted to be something more. but i was with someone who i thought i was going to be with forever… and who turned out to be not-so-awesome as i thought and ended up doing me wrong (as a country singer would call it). i sure wish i knew where jimmy was.

i had a great dream last night i won a contest to meet ryan adams and had just started working tgthr on a bus. it was me and this other kid but the kid was on a mission to just straight hang out and i was like ‘no. we must make something’. then mandy showed up and was like ‘there’s been a misunderstanding, only one person is supposed to win the radio contest’. for a good long while i tried to convince her ‘no, i totally am not mackin’ on yr dude, i seriously just want to make something. like, music. and this kid is essentially macaroni so no anything is ever getting made if i leave’. she didn’t care, and i was heartbroken. then ryan came and got me after she left and we top-secret-made-something. this super weird dream was probably the result of sleeping 3 hours after ryan replied to my post on his facebook page, a moment which i am referring to as The Great Moment of My Life, Srsly.

the end.