I’m a soggy snot rag again.
What is it with me and illness.
This re-re-occuring ailment is ruining my life! Can’t sing, write, play, run, taste, breath…ugh.
Before I had this sore throat thing, thought it was strep. Then I got totally better. Now I have like, a head cold, or some junk.
Anyway. Enough about my sick, gross-ness.
Yesterday, amidst my snottiness, I went on my first California hike at Runyon Canyon. Being in the heat actually made me feel better. By the time I got home, I was barely snotty and actually thought: “Hey! I think I’m on the mend! :D”
Hiking was followed by food which was followed by a walk at Venice beach which was followed by a trip to the salt water hot tub in the backyard. After that, more food and a couple movies, one being Baraka, which I hadn’t seen since high school. It’s one of those movies that doesn’t say anything, but says SO much. I have been thinking all day because of it. There is no plot, no movie stars…just shots of this planet and the people on it. The theme seemed to be religion, or at least how people find/worship/speak to God. Intensely interesting. Amidst the global look at culture and worship, glorious panoramic views of the Earth and all it has to offer were dispersed amongst shots of crowded subways, traffic, assembly lines and even factory farming. It made me think of humans as somewhat of a plague…just ruining all that is around us and getting so far away from any natural beauty that we at one point possessed (in my opinion the Buddhists and Indian cultures seem to know what is up the most). Then you see these primitive tribes, existing naturally and living happy and healthy lives. Where did we go wrong? Are we really evolving?
Sometimes I can’t tell.

Random Me Fact of the Day: I was the last peron in my neighbourhood to learn how to ride a bike. True story.