catastrophe – the making of

a long time ago in a land far away (america) I met some pretty great people who also happened to be pretty great at music.

in a drunken stupor we decided to call ourselves Billy the Kid & The Southside Boys (seeing as they were all, clearly, from the the wrong side of the tracks and I am clearly an outlaw whose likeness garners around 2.3 million).

it was the best of times, it was the bestest-er of times. in efforts to not waste money, i used up everyone’s airmiles and flew to studios who were willing to help out The Cause. from Vancouver to Virginia to Toronto and back, we somehow managed to make this album sounds pretty alright (in my opinion) and not crazy expensive.

I spent money on things that need money spent on them (drum sounds, good people, good rooms, good microphones) and tried to be mindful of things like time (allowing myself only a couple takes per song on vocals, guitar and piano if necessary) and recording/mixing remotely when possible. it became apparent to me you don’t have to spend a million dollars to make an album.

here’s some behind the scenes shots of me and the Southside Boys goofing around…proving you also don’t have to be so serious just because you’re making music, and Fun, is *still* #1.

Catastrophe – The Making Of