A Very Jerky Blog

Hey there.

Haven’t written in awhile. I feel as if i have less and less to say haha. I mean, not to sound like a chump, but my life is pretty boring. How is it I can be in a different city every night and it feels routine??? There’s something wrong with me…

Every day starts the same: Wake up, get coffee. Then, drive for 1 to ten hours. This is where the boring comes in. I forgot my iPod this leg of the tour so I have been living off the kindness of others…got a mixed CD made for me by Matt Brenner (who also so kindly let me borrow his guitar for the Edge Nu Music Night at the Horseshoe and a radio thing at York University…thank you Matt!) My manager Todd Arkell from Cool Planet Management made me a mixed CD too (what manager does that? Mine! He also bought me Road Crackers, aka Crackers For The Road). Blair, the guitar player in my band for some of the Ontario dates donated, by far, my favourite CD of LIFE.

It’s Bob Dylan, at 20 years old, on an hour long radio program. Not only is it amazing to hear this talented young man at the age of 20 years old speaking of his 6 years traveling with a carnival (What!?!?!) and hanging out with Woody Guthrie, among others, but it’s also entirely endearing because the host has a huge crush on him! It is hilarious. I’ve listened to it so many times I have almost burned a hole in it. At one point the interviewer asks: “Are you still going to wear that hat when you’re rich and famous?” and Bob Dylan Says “I’m never going to be rich and famous”.

Yesterday I had a day off and turned in to a slug. I left my hotel room once, to get coffee. I think my body is programmed to get up, get coffee, and drive, but when there is no where to drive I just slump back in to bed and go: “Oh…”

So ya. I was a waste of a human all day. It gave the snot in my head an opportunity to start leaking out. (ewwwww)

There’s a bunch of fun videos that people have been posting on youtube so I’ve been favouriting them at http://www.youtube.com/billythekidofficial. If you have any of your own please let me know. Also did an interview with http://www.spinner.com yesterday amidst my “No Where To Drive” Depression. It’s not up yet but if you want to know when it is I normally post those kinds of things over at http://www.twitter.com/billypettinger (not to mention a surplus of daily silliness).

I’m in Ottawa right now. I’m contemplating drinking way too much coffee for the second day in a row, mainly cause I have a whole day to kill. I’m still not ready to talk to people though lol…glad I have a few more hours haha! Yesterday was a good enough break that I actually was looking forward to seeing another human. Conversation, though….that will have to wait 😉

I realized yesterday that, given the opportunity, I could totally be one of those people who just wastes away in their hotel room. I could never understand that, up until now. You’d try to get ahold of me, I’d just ignore you…until finally someone would have to come and drag me out of bed and throw me in to a shower with all my clothes on, waking me from my stupor and shocking me back to the fold.

8 hours drive tomorrow. Then it’s a constant state of doing stuff (whether it be playing, recording or writing sessions) until South By South West. Did I mention I’m playing 5 times? I never even applied for this thing cause I figured I’d never get accepted. And if I did, probably no one would care. But ya…5 times. So weird.

Alright well I think I figured out the key to blogging…if you just don’t talk to anyone for like a whole day you actually have quite a bit to say haha. I feel like I do nothing but talk sometimes so the idea of telling the same stories but in writing gets daunting. (Hence, my disappearing for the past few weeks). Oh also I’ve traveled many a mile in the last month and it is starting to feel routine, and just feeling that makes me feel like a jerk. And I don’t want anyone to know I’m a jerk haha. From Vancouver to Winnipeg to Courtenay to L.A. to Ontario and now on to Texas and back then over to Newfoundland. Just another day. Just another jerk-y batch of stories…
Signing off, for now,
Jerky McJerkerton