Song 15

15th new song this month. This is probably gonna be the last song of this project so I decided I’d make it a video (I have a show Friday so I should probably rehearse tomorrow). This project has been both exhausting and inspiring. More on this later. I think I got back the thing I felt like I had lost, which was always going to something creative in all my spare time. That is the person that I want to be. I wanted to see if it was just a habit all along, and I never really changed. My suspicions were correct. I’m happy that these 15 songs exist. I had a lot of help and for that I am grateful. Now I know I really could write an album every month or so if I wanted to. I’m not saying it would be the best album, but it would exist. Can you imagine?

Art Matters (and Why I’m Doing This) – Public Post

I keep this book on my coffee table and read it at least once a week. All the way through.

Do you ever find yourself, living in your own life…and you don’t remember who you are?

I was thinking about the times in my life when all I did was music. I wrote, toured recorded, and then repeated all that. Every once in awhile I would try to tackle a huge project like learning 31 Covers in 31 Days but mainly I just…coasted. If I had an idea, or a convenient collaboration popped up, it was something to do and usually enjoyable.

I don’t know what I did with the moments in between but I feel like there were so many moments in between when I was just doing nothing. So here I find myself, in my present day life, doing many somethings, and there’s no time to sit around and do nothing, which is the usual time when a song seems to write itself.

Every time someone comes to me to help finish an idea or figure out why (continued here…

Song 14

Reflecting Light

Song 13

Thirteenth new song this month. I Hope That You Are Happy.

Song 12

When the clocks are broken and the world won’t change

I look to the wind and I call out your name

When the skies have opened to an endless rain

I still love you the same

When the night passes and seasons change

I search through the darkness for who I became

Though the light has vanished and daylight won’t break

I still love you the same

Song 11

Vacancy Sign

Song 10

I Have Hit Rock Bottom. I Have Put the Word Venn Diagram In A Song. Please Send Help.

Song 9

The ninth new song this year was written with Andy Hawkins. I produced Andy’s EP and he’s coming back to Alabama to record a full length in the spring. He wrote this first verse and we brainstormed the chorus. Then his homework was to go and make the changes his own, play them in the style of Andy Hawkins. Meanwhile, I’m over here playing them in the style of an ill version of me with a scratchy voice. LOL

Song 8

Bit of a shaky voice due to illness but hey it’s a demo. Please use your imagination? 🙂

Song 7

Chris MacDonald, Kevin Lay, Chris Barnes and myself have been writing songs together when we can. This is the first one we have ever finished in one night. I blame me and my lofty new years resolutions haha