Why I’m Learning 31 Ryan Adams Songs in 31 Days

Last January (if you were around then) you might remember I made 31 cover videos in 31 days with Joe McMahon from Smoke or Fire.

It started (like many things) with a conversation at a bar.

I was thinking about New Years Resolutions (if you know me you know I like this kind of thing) and talking about what I wanted to achieve in 2012. One of the things that came to mind was that I wanted to be a better musician. It always bothered me that I never learned many of other people’s songs (even “the classics” haha) and any time I was at a party or around a group or musicians I could rarely join in and “jam” because I didn’t know many of the popular cover songs that most people who pick up instruments learn at some point. I attributed it to thinking myself more of a writer, who always liked making up stuff instead of learning other people’s stuff. It occurred to me that it would be a great exercise in focus and music making to learn a new song every single day.

2013 was approaching and I was trying to decide what my resolutions would be. Last year I didn’t eat a french fry for a whole year. A whole year!!! I quit coffee, drinking and dark chocolate. Just kidding. I will never quit dark chocolate. Ever.

Once again I was thinking about music, and what it meant to me, and how I could get better at it. I thought of doing another 31 covers and the idea really excited me. This time, I would be picking all the songs, and I wanted to pick songs that meant a great deal to me and that I respected from the point of songwriting and composition. Almost all the early choices were Ryan Adams songs. Then I thought…why don’t I see if I can learn 31 Ryan Adams songs in 31 days? Aside from him thinking I am a total lunatic, what do I have to lose? As far as writing and performing goes you could say there’s no other that tops Ryan in my books. I still don’t really know why but the guy can do no wrong in my eyes. As a fan I feel like I’m pretty much ruining these pretty much perfect songs but, it has been a great exercise in discipline and concentration to just do my best, go to bed, wake up and learn a new song. I am grateful these songs exist and I am looking forward to sharing my favourites with you whether you are already familiar with Ryan’s catalog or this is your first introduction. If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate.

Happy New Year,

Week One of the Videos:

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