Why Attitude is More Valuable Than Aptitude

I watch people learn.

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All day.

Every day.

That is my job. I’m a music teacher. I teach piano, guitar, voice and songwriting (which eventually turns into co-writing). 

At one point, I had 60 students. That’s 60 different people that I would get to watch, as they learned different concepts, week after week. 

My youngest student was five years old. 

My oldest student? 


I’m a music “teacher,” but I don’t feel like I “teach” all day, every day. I present people with information, and then I watch, as they absorb it.

After all the lessons I’ve taught and all the different kinds of students that I have encountered, I started realizing a prevalent fact: 

It Didn’t Matter How Smart, Young, or Talented A Person Was.

What mattered the most was the kind of person they were.

What does that mean? 

In my experience…(continued here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/why-attitude-is-39073001)