what. is. up.

I was listening to the Lemonheads and it occurred to me to do some snooping and see what Evan Dando was up to these days.

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I found this interview that ends with him referencing a photo of his wife and saying “That’s my wife. She’s gone.”

It struck me as really sad.

So I decided to write a song about it from his perspective.

I don’t know if he is overly sad about it or if I did anything justice but I will tell you this…I really enjoyed researching for the project! I felt like some kind of sleuth or amateur detective.

I am pretty sure he is not going to like the song.

Today was weird because I actually finished two whole songs by 7:30pm. The primary reason for this is that I woke up at 5am with an idea in my brain. I always tell myself “Oh you will remember this for suuure” but I have learned that if I don’t run with it and just get it done…well, it doesn’t write itself. So I crawled downstairs, got a guitar, and went back up to bed. My 7am it was finished.

Joe and I have been working on stuff while he is in Australia. Here’s a video of how that works:

that’s my wife. she’s gone.

we met by accident out in the gutter
in a new york moment, a dirty black summer
no time to think, no time to recover (just drive)
get in the car now, before we go under
the lower east side might start to wonder
but i got a habit and it’s got my number

that’s my wife. she’s gone. her picture stays on the wall.
that’s my wife. she’s gone.
she’s gone.

smack heads on lemon drops, under the covers
she was my sanctity, she was my lover
when I kick the habit, I’m thinking of her (oh just drive)
blisters and meltdowns and airports and thunder
blitzed out amazement and dilated wonder
I climbed to the bottom, I learned how to try again from her

that’s my wife. she’s gone. yet her picture stays on the wall.
that’s my wife. she’s gone.
she’s gone

baby come back
but don’t come back
don’t come back

that’s my wife. she’s gone. yet her picture stays on the wall.
that’s my wife. she’s gone.
she’s gone