Week in Review

It is 6:30 am in Newfoundland and I am about to get on a plane.

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The plane will fly to Toronto then Vancouver then I will get on a different plane to Toronto and then Mexico only a few hours later. I think it’s about 24 hours of straight traveling. And I haven’t been to sleep yet. But it will be worth it.

By the way…for Christmas I got a trip to Mexico with my whole family. Isn’t that amazing??

I feel like I need it. It has been a crazy week/month/year. Very excited to get off the road and just focus on the creative side of me rather than the performer/road warrior in me.

This week I wrote a new song, recorded it on my phone and made this video:

Played these sold out venues:

Also made this video about working on the song Drown with Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace:

Also made this video for a new song Won’t Be the Same which is now available on iTunes: