Tour – Day one


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On our way to Edmonton. Already! I can’t believe it’s already here…tour. I can’t believe it’s already happening, and I’m on the road AS WE SPEAK! Yep, Steve my partner in crime is driving and I’m here trying to process everything that has happen in the last two days.

We left Wednesday afternoon. There were some serious delays because I refused to drive without music, and had only recently discovered that the tape deck in out 1987 Volkswagon Golf DOES NOT WORK.

This might not be a catastrophe to some, but to me, it’s a seriously huge deal. You can’t go on tour in Western Canada with NO MUSIC!!!

We tried it all…iPod to cassette convertor, one of those iPod to radio signal convertors. Finally I ended up putting a new stereo system in my friend Aaron’s car.
Did I mention Aaron is letting me use his car to drive to Winnipeg in January? What a guy. Hi Aaron ☺

Everything is all good now. Listening to my friend Heather Waters as we drive on the 2 North. Yesterday was a seriously amazing time. I’m a little worried that I am already this tired and it’s only the second show haha! I had a late night getting ready and an early morning packing and running errands before we left. By the time we got to Calgary at about 1am, I was exhausted. I did get to sleep in a bit (something I haven’t done in months) and spent a large portion of the day practicing in the hotel. Very enjoyable.

When I say “practicing” I should say “Writing New Songs”. For me, one of my favourite things about tour is actually getting time to play music haha. I know, funny thing that. Every time I pick up my guitar to “rehearse” though, I end up writing something new. Hey, if that’s the worst of your problems…

I finished writing an actually happy song for my favourite person ever and then got to play it. That’s just a cool feeling…when something is fresh off the press, to get to try it out right then and there ☺

A couple cool things about this trip: I have an almost unlimited amount of documentation devices! I just got a little sound recorded thing that I’m gonna be singin’ new ideas in to after soundchecks and before show time. I also have a video camera, a still camera, this here laptop and a phone. So I will be in touch 😉

After my fun day of Remember My Songs In A Hotel Room, I met up with Brock from

We had such a great time hanging out, I’m so happy he asked me to be part of his video blog cause I think I made a friend for life. I got to try out my song at the Greyhound station after the security guards allowed us to film a video in the photo booth! 😀 I will post it here soon ☺

This morning before getting in the car I met up with Jessica from I don’t think it could get any more awesome around here haha. We had an awesome vegan breakfast at The Coup and she asked me some very well thought out questions that will be in an interview on the internet sooon! 😀

Calgary was great. Always great to be back there. Did I mention I lived there for two years? Saw some familiar faces but mostly, a lot of new faces! Both just as awesome ☺ Some people mentioned seeing me in Calgary with Raine and I’m very thankful they came out to see me again. Thank you for spending your hard earned dough to get me to the next city, and thanks Raine for taking me on tour with you so I could make all these new friends ☺

K! Talk soon,