this sunday: hangout with me on the internets…plz?

this sunday at 6pm EST i will be hanging out on the the internet.

that’s right…


it’s been wellllll over a year since this kind of thing went down. last time i made up a song based on people’s suggestions, answered questions and talked about some stuff that i like and find to be rather interesting. this time i might do some of that but also i will be making two announcements. that’s right…TWO.

for hanging out on sunday go to here (don’t go there now…I’m not there yet).

if you missed any of the videos that I made this month including Billy the Kid in: The Scrolls, Billy the Kid in: The Letter, Billy the Kid in: The Notebook and Billy the Kid in: The Studio, I have posted them all at

the PledgeMusic Super Fun Pre-Order and Other Stuff Extravaganza is gettin’ pretty close. thank you everyone who has taken the time to pull out their wallet, enter in all their information including postal code and choose a fun option like handwritten lyrics, penpal for a year or digital download (only ten bux!). whatever your contribution, know that you are a BIG part of helping my HUGEST EVER dream come true (working with the dude who made Easy Tiger/Follow the Lights/III/IV and mixed Love Is Hell by Ryan Adams shhh don’t tell him).

last but note least if you find any typos in this message, please do not tell.