The Truth

Was thinking that maybe you come here to find out a little something about me every so often. Found this and figured, why not. I’ve never done one of these things. This one seems to cover all the basis. Enjoy, if you care πŸ™‚

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001. Real name β†’ Billy the Kid (duh)
002. Nickname(s) β†’ Billabong, William, Bill, Billster, Billamina, BTK, Billiard
003. Status β†’ Severly taken
004. Zodiac sign β†’ Aquarius
005. Male or female β†’ Girl
006. Elementary β†’ Hjorth Road then Riverdale
007. Middle School β†’ Len Shepherd
008. High School β†’ Tamanawis, Elgin, Langley Fine Arts
009. Eye Color β†’ Change-y. Green-y gray.
010. Hair Color β†’ Brown
011. Tall or Short β†’ Short
012. Loud or Quiet→ Sometimes very quiet, sometimes very loud
013. Sweats or Jeans β†’ Sweats πŸ™‚
014. Phone or Camera β†’ Phone
015. Health freak β†’ Kind of…vegan πŸ™‚
016. Clothing Style β†’ Ex-punk folk gurl
017. Do you have a crush on someone? β†’ Randall Cooke
018. Eat or Drink β†’ both! lots πŸ˜›
019. Piercings β†’ 7 ear
020. Tattoos β†’ My body is one huge tattoo in progress
021. Water or Fire? β†’ Water!!!
022. Love of your life or 4 Billion Dollars β†’ love of my life

023. First fear β†’ Slow motion zombie nightmare
024. First best friend β†’ Scott Sproxton
025. First award β†’ T-shirt that said “I read over 700 books” (it was actually more like 900 but whatever)
026. First crush β†’ Darren something-or-other…grade one
027. First pet β†’ Cats, Jack and Jill (creative, I know)
028. First big vacation β†’ Disneyland
029. First big birthday β†’ The first birthday I remember was at Chuckie Cheese
030. First kiss β†’ Grade one. See: First Crush πŸ˜‰

031. Food β†’ Today it’s vegan beet tartare at Madeleine’s in L.A. (all vegan gourmet…amazing)
032. Person β†’ Randall Cooke
033. Color β†’ Black
034. Sport/Team β†’ Lost Causers
035. Country β†’ Canada
036. Actor/Actress β†’ I like them all equally.
037. Music β†’ Ryan Adams
038. Movie β†’ Today it’s Up
039. Scent β†’ Randall Cooke

040. Food β†’ all things dead
041. Person β†’ no comment
042. Color β†’ I am the least fond of orange, but I certainly don’t hate it.
043. Sport/Team β†’ None.
044. Country β†’ no comment (for fear of being bombed)
045. Actor/Actress β†’ paris hilton
046. Music β†’ paris hilton
047. Movie β†’ There are many truly bad movies but I’d still rather watch one of those than most things on television
048. Scent β†’ New tar roof

049. Eating β†’ nothing
050. Drinking β†’ tea
051. Talking to β†’ no one
052. Thinking about β†’ never you mind!
053. Listening to β†’ new five for fighting leaking through Randy’s headphones as he charts for a session tomorrow. Other sounds include: The sound of a pencil scribbling on paper, his tapping and funny sounds that come out of him when he is concentrating/counting.
054. Plans for today β†’ Watch a couple Robot Chicken on the ol’ DVR then pass out!
055. Waiting for β†’ Randy to be done and come over here so we can get our Robot Chicken on!

056. House β†’ I hope!
057. Car β†’ Dream car is ’57 Belair
058. Want kids? β†’ no
059. Want to get married? β†’ no
060. how many kids do you want β†’ 0
061. any name on the mind β†’ Dylan
062. what did you want to be when you were little β†’ veterinarian
063. what did you think you’ll be doing in 5 years β†’ hopefully on tour. Realistically probably working some shit job though :S
064. mellow future or wild β†’ totally wild to begin with and then extremely mellow
066. something you would never try β†’ cheating on Randall
067. when do you wanna die β†’ Before Randall does

068. Lips or eyes β†’ both.
069. Shorter or taller? β†’ Taller
070. Long or short hair β†’ short (!!!!)
071. Romantic or spontaneous β†’ BOTH
072. Nice stomach or nice arms β†’ Arms
073. Sensitive or loud β†’ sensitive
074. Hook-up or relationship β†’ relationship
075. Trouble maker or hesitant β†’ trouble maker

076. Had your pants rip in public β†’ I was hopping a fence with Matt Dander on tour once does that count?
077. Peed your pants in public β†’ nope
078. Talked to someone you thought you recognized but it wasn’t them β†’ My life story
079. Tripped and fallen on stairs/escalator/hallways/etc.. in public β†’ always

080. Lost glasses/contacts β†’ YES. Once out a moving vehicle on tour. Spent hours trying to find on side of highway. No dice.
081. Ran away from home β†’ Many times.
082. Hold a gun/knife for self defense β†’ no
083. Killed somebody β†’ no
084. Been heartbroken β†’ yes
085. Been arrested β†’ no
086. Been drunk/high β†’ yes
087. Cried when someone died β†’ yeah
088. Kissed on the first date β†’ yeah

089. Yourself β†’ sometimes
090. Miracles β†’ sometimes
091. Love at first sight β†’ sometimes
092. Heaven β†’ no
093. Santa Claus β†’ no
094. Sex on the first date β†’ no
095. Kiss on the first date β†’ yes

096. Is there something you wish you could change about yourself β†’ my metabolism
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now β†’ I’m with him
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life β†’ no
099. Do you believe in God β†’ sometimes