The Team

I’ve been spending too much time on the internet this quarantine.

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We all have.

Maybe the virus is starting to fade away where you live, or coming closer to a hopeful close, but here in Alabama…oh my god we are so stupid.

I hate Facebook. I think we all do, to a degree? We love it and we hate it. We are addicted, and we wish we weren’t. The justification that it’s a way to keep connected keeps us checking in, while advertisements and algorithms adjust what we actually experience.

If we’re really just doing it to get together…why does someone get to make money off of that?

A group of us have been watching movies every night for the past 115 nights. We’ve been sharing memes. Recipes. Gardening mishaps and triumphs.

Why does facebook get to sell ads and capitalize on this?

Why do they get to choose what we see and more importantly…what we don’t see?

I know it’s hard to pull the plug but I can’t recommend it enough. A few of us have been trying Discord. No advertisements, no weird relatives, and no algorithm hiding your favourite people’s posts (continued at