Squirt’s First Blog


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Hi there, I’m Squirt, Billy the Kid’s tour manager/roadie.

You need about 8 arms to do my job (which, thankfully, I have) and on off days I will be checking in here with you on Billy’s behalf.

So far we have been SO FAR!! I was only born recently over in Vancouver (where Billy is also from) and since then I traveled ALL THE WAY TO TORONTO and now, London Ontario for COCA.

So far, we’ve been to the Perez Hilton Much Music Video Awards after party (we got there in a limo, I still don’t know why or how though), the Universal Music Group after party and the Arkells show featuring Keisha and Katy Parry at the Horseshoe.

Today we traded visas on the rental car cause visa lost Billy’s new card (she was pretty mad), picked up the merch and drove to Coca will Joel from the Pilot Agency.

The flying part to over here was ok except for when we checked in. I couldn’t really hear what was going on (because I was living in a backpack) but from what I could tell they made Billy leave her case AT THE AIRPORT! She was allowed to take the guitar on the plane, but not the case. Does this seem weird to anyone else? What do I know, I’m just a squid :/

Tomorrow we’ll go rent a piano and buy a new case then hang out for more fun COCA things. It’s fun here in London town! We will go to sleep now, it’s a busy week.

Nice to meet you, let me know if you have any questions for Billy or I.