Against Me!/Northcote Tour Art Drive

Hi all.

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Gearing up for the Against Me! and Northcote tour dates in the UK (dates posted below). I managed to get myself a flight there…but don’t yet have a flight home! And with that, once again I turn to art…

Every day I will be posting one (or more) paintings to right here. Be sure to subscribe to Facebook.com/BillytheKid or Twitter.com/BillyPettinger to be the first to know when the painting(s) of the day has been posted.

Have a good week,


1. Riverbank – SOLD

IMG_1484 IMG_1472

2. Cobble Stone Road – SOLD


3. Meet Me At the Riverbank and Tell Me I’m Yours – SOLD

IMG_1552 IMG_1547

4. Break – SOLD

IMG_1582 IMG_1595

5. Quiet – SOLD

IMG_1668 IMG_1655
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