Swan Viper

Tonight we went to the Viper Room! I had never been so I was pretty excited 🙂

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Sierra Swan is a superbly talented songstress who plays guitar, piano and has an AMAZING voice. She’s also Billy Swan’s daughter and one of Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics) backup singers (that’s how I met her).

I really liked the Viper Room! And Sierra played great.

Last night I spent way too long drinking wine in a hot tub and I don’t recommend this the night before your first day back at boxing in about a month. That’s right, I’m learning how to box. I love it!!! It’s a great rush, sooo good for you and just about the best way to stay nice and relaxed throughout your day 🙂 After boxing we did a bit of running around before a fabulous dinner with producer/writer team the Wizardz of Oz at the Cheesecake Factory.

Little Known Fact About Me Day Four: This one time, at band camp…haha just kidding. Kind of…

Did you know that I was a camp counselor for a whole 2 months one summer? I did everything from food prep, “dishing” and camp restoration to looking after a 2 year old and 6 year old (moms and kids camp) and several cabins of kids ages 7-13. It was on beautiful Gambier Island and I’ll never forget what a difference being surrounded by water for 2 months made on the ol’ psyche.