A lil something about myself for the day:

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I am incredibly shy.

I have always been incredibly shy.

I remember being hungry at my little brother’s hockey game once, and my mom said I could have anything I wanted, if I just went up and paid for it myself.

I stayed hungry until we got home.

Oh ya, I played a show tonight. How am I able to sing/perform in front of people, and yet I can barely speak to a crowd of more than 2? Even if at a house party, or in my living room, it is far more uncomfortable for me to play in what some might deem a way more comfortable setting (such as in my own home), then it is to play a random stage somewhere. I love small intimate shows but I HATE being at a party or something and someone handing me a guitar and saying “Hey play a song!” Normally I just flat our refuse. Too shy!!!