I’m in Grayson, SK.

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No offence to the people of Grayson, or rural Saskatchewan, but I didn’t know this place existed.

There’s so much to small town Canada that I had no idea about. I was pumping gas and a random local from Grenfell smiled and waved at me. I was at a 4 way stop in Regina and even though I was on the left, and had come to a complete stop way after the guy to my right, I was waved through a stop sign by an adorable elderly gentleman. The lineup at the bank moves a little slower, and it takes awhile to get a latte but overall, things are a-okay around these parts 😉

i wish everyone could keep a small town in their heart. this worls would be so much kinder. A little slower, but kinder.

I love being on tour. It is the best thing in the universe ever. I love how every night is so different. And you’re so tired but you gotta persevere and get to the next show, and then kill it. Or, at least try.

i guess since we last talked i’ve played in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina. I am just amazed at how much of a difference people and their “moods” play on people’s reality. All it takes is one grumpy sound guy, waitress or promoter and my whole day is thrown off haha. Thankfully, Winnipeg had just the right combination of awesome promoter, sound guy and staff. They treated me so great and the Park Theatre is just an amazing venue. Saskatoon was great cause I got to see my ol pal Ryan Drabble, who surprised me when he ended up being the sound guy. Then there’s the Canadian touring staple of Regina, Nathan and Crystal. If you’re brave enough to tour Canada, there are a few things you’re bound to run in to if you become a repeat offender…one of those things is running in to some of the Canadian tour staples such as Drabble and Nathan and Crystal. Pretty much every time I’m in Saskatchetario I end up staying with these amazing people and not only do they put ya up for the night, but they offer to feed ya and send ya off with a care package lol.

K, I think I should hang out with the locals of Grayson and try to make some friends 😉