“Perspective” Now on iTunes Plus Some Shows

Why release Perspective? They’re essentially alternate versions of some of the songs Jamie and I ended up recording as well as a few bonus tracks. I played everything, including drums and percussion and acted as producer. It was so much fun running around this huge studio and playing every part one at a time. The engineer joked that he saw me improve at drums as the week progressed…we started with just a kick drum and a snare drum, every day adding another piece like a cymbal or a tom.

These sessions were recorded over several months as I held down a warehouse job and was committed to creating with every spare cent I had. I would get a paycheck and hand it directly over to the studio. When Jamie and I started talking about the recordings that would become Stars, Exploding, I didn’t want to back out of the time I have reserved at the Hive. Initially I planned to just make these recordings and keep saving up for the rest of the year until I could get to LA to work with Jamie. Finally, late one night I created the Pledgemusic campaign that went on to fun Stars, Exploding after someone called me crazy for not getting in to the studio to work with my dream producer as soon as possible. “You’re right…what was I thinking?!”

I guess was hesitant to do another fan funding campaign as my first full length had done the same. Also it was only a year later. Now that these recordings are out I am dying to record some of the 30 new songs I’ve written and seriously considering *another* Pledgemusic Campaign. Would you support this? What type of incentives would you like to see?

Oh also the Perspective sessions were not mixed or mastered. I couldn’t afford it.



Get Perspective on iTunes here:
some shows:

03/05/13 Los Angeles, CA Room 5 United States
8pm 143 North La Brea Avenue Second Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States. Venue phone: (323) 938-2504.

03/21/13 Toronto, Ontario Shanghai Cowgirl Canada
11:00pm 538 Queen St W. Venue phone: Phone:+1 416-203-6623. Part of Canadian Music Fest

3/22/13 Toronto, Ontario C’est What Canada
11:00pm 67 Front St E Toronto, ON M5E 1B5 Venue phone: +1 416-867-9499.

03/24/13 Allen Park, Michigan Simons After Dark United States
8:00pm. Address: 4936 Allen Road. Venue phone: +1 313-388-8808