Well, it happened.

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Today a little something arrived in my inbox that I have been hoping and praying for my whole life.

A Licensing Deal!!! šŸ˜€

I’m so excited about working with this company…they’ve placed songs in movies like Milk, An Inconvenient Truth, Boogie Nights, Underworld and shows like Californication and Dexter.

Another great something arrived today…the rough draft of my support letters to get my O-1 Visa!!!

Not to be all depress-io but for the last couple months for me have not been so awesome. I won’t lie. It’s been a lot of Not Sunshine, Not Palm Trees, and Not Randy…and I didn’t like it one bit. See, because I’m not an Amurcan (pronounce as spelled), I cannot legally reside in the Amurca (southern spin on pronouncing “American”). I cannot work, play or reside here for any extended amount of time. I love Canada and it will always be my home but I fell in love with California years ago and most importantly, my favourite person in the world lives here and I just can’t live so far from him.

So, we collect support letters and a fun time line of everything I’ve ever done that is music related (boy has that been fun) and before long, I should have my visa! The name of it is “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA šŸ˜›

Daily Something Day 7: After 15 years of dying my hair, I recently discovered that I really like my natural hair color.