Canada! I am so excited to be returning to my home land for my first show in Canada in YEARS at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in the Barn on Saturday September 29, 2018.

Tickets can be purchased at:

Make plans to join us for a great night of music and silent auction. Space is limited and we look forward to seeing you there!

A very special thanks to Kevin Jon Gangloff, Art Project and Sarah Duffy.




Billy Pettinger Patreon Page

Hello. I’m adopting a new subscription based system for releasing new material as I record it through

So far I’ve posted two new songs as well as some songwriting and recording workshops and videos. Expect much more to come.

After I roll out the new material one song at a time, I’ll be asking for my Patreon subscribers’ votes to help determine which songs will have drums, etc. added (expect a cool cameo or two!) and be mixed and mastered for inclusion on the upcoming vinyl and CD release. Yes. Finally.

Thank you for your support. Some shirts up on the webstore if you need some new summer fashions.

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New Billy the Kid Shirt

New Billy the Kid Shirt




Well well well. I guess I’m hitting the road again. London venue to be announced real soon here. Here’s what we got, hope to see you out there <3

Nov 12 at the Lumberyard in Huntsville, Alabama *just added*

Nov 18 The C & G in Frome, United Kingdom Facebook Event
Nov 19 The Victoria in Swindon, United Kingdom Facebook Event
Nov 20 Lending Room in Leeds, United Kingdom Facebook Event
Nov 21 The Stoneworks in Peterborough, United Kingdom Facebook Event
Nov 22 Blue Rose Bresso in Milan, Italy
Nov 23 Strike in Rome, Italy
Nov 24 The Troubadour in London, United Kingdom
Facebook Event

For more information click here.


Songwriting, Guitar and Voice Workshop


Would you like to take a guitar, voice or songwriting workshop from yours truly? Now booking Skype lessons for a limited time. $30 for a 30 minute session. Hope to hear you soon,


Type of Workshop

GothBot Gets It

If you’re interested in a painting, let me know at <315940998_10154020676657257_8683639656385213668_n


New PortraitBot now on eBay.

LightBot starts at $50.

Three day auction ending Sunday.


Christmas Presents

SURPRISE. Just in time for Christmas, I have prints available of some of my favourite paintings. I also have FRAMED prints, greeting cards, travel mugs, prints on canvas (just like a real painting) and iPhone cases.

There are GREAT deals on right now including FREE SHIPPING and 15% off of EVERYTHING.
 harlem-clearly-cards hope146409-framed-prints
larry-the-robot146427-cases  happy-bot146418-metal-travel-mugs-1

Pick Up Your Tiny Burden

Well, the year is almost over so I wanted to see if I could squeak out another “release”. As always, imagine in your brain that I was able to get back into a studio and record these well…you know. Here’s my best effort, in my home or with the help of friends. Hopefully the next batch of songs get to somehow be recorded with a band etc but for now, here’s “Pick Up Your Tiny Burden” a collection of things I made, forget about, and then found on my laptop