Long time listener, first time caller

Everytime I feel like giving up and like I have nothing good to say, I get a nice encouraging message inspiring to carry on.

Soooo Yeah It is 3 in the morning and I frequently spend my nights into the early morning thinking, reading, writing and whatever trying to sort out the millions of thoughts that go through my head in these quiet hours; that is when my work schedual allows :D…I started reading your blog and just realized what a genuine, humble and honest person you are. I had to say how much I admire your dedication and hard work, it’s truly inspirational 🙂 I am an extremely shy person as well, although at times it doesn’t seem that way due to the fact that when I am comfortable I talk way too much and can be very loud lol. My point being that listening to your music and reading your blog put the rare smile on my face that only emerges when I discover that another person in this lovely superficial city of LA is an actual human with a soul ha ha!

Thank you for making my evening/morning 😛

How could I give up after hearing somethin like that?

Thank you, anonymous listener…