leave eve and the justice league

it is leave eve. tomorrow i embark upon a series of new adventures. although they will be fun and exciting and i will get to see the southside boys and play shows in southern/east-ish america, i feel very sad to have to leave the batcave.

i was really getting in to a routine here. but such is life. all i know is i can’t wait to come back. in the last week i have written enough material for another full length album. i wonder if i will ever be able to record all these songs one day.

did you know i am obsessed with the byrds? well…i am. here is today’s record. originally panned and not overly popular as it’s one of those ‘let’s get the band back together’ kind of things but i like it all the same. for what it is.

mug of the day. the justice league.

here’s yesterday’s song, jimmy doesn’t want to be friends. i started working on a country thing today called no one loves me like you do, about this guy who actually is really terrible at love but that’s just how he does it so…he kinda has the trademark on that haha. i don’t know if i will be able to finish it cause i have to fit all the merch for the tour in my suitcase somehow. more on this later.