Jamie Candiloro!?!?!

Talk about top ten things I never thought would happen…

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So I was in the studio. Well, already booked the time and getting ready to make a record. Then this dude adds me on Twitter. Woah! It’s Jamie Candiloro, my all time favourite producer of all time ever!

Jamie has done such records as Easy Tiger, Follow the Lights, Rock N Roll and III/IV by Ryan Adams and Songbird by Willie Nelson. He was also a part of recordings done by R.E.M. Courtney Love, Luscious Jackson, the Eagles, Ed Kowalczyk (of Live), Jesse Malin and Spacehog.

With your help I can work with Jamie this summer. This would be the ultimate dream come true.

Please feel free to pre-order a CD if you were gonna anyway. There’s also a bunch of fun fundrasing items like when we raised money for “Ours”.

Thanks guys…here we go!!! 🙂

Visit http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/billythekid to check out our campaign.