How To: Vegan

Got a great question from an old friend, thought I’d post it seeing as it’s something that comes up every now and again…

Hey there,
I just wanted to ask you something because I know that you’re vegan and I don’t know anyone else who is. The forums on the internet aren’t very helpful.
Anyway, I’ll just explain briefly … about 10 yrs ago, I became vegetarian for a couple of years. I was obviously doing something wrong because I became really scrawny and people were worried about me. Anyway, I started eating meat regularly again a couple years ago, but there was one day when I just couldn’t anymore. About a year ago, I thought it should be all or nothing – I should be part of the solution and not the problem. So, I’ve been trying to be vegan off an on for the past year, but it never lasts.
I’m a martial artist, and I’m always hungry … ALL the time – every two hours, I’m starving. Sometimes, I literally double what I eat and this will only sustain me for maybe half an hour longer than usual. I just hate being hungry all the time and I can’t eat all of the time because there is no time between the classes I teach or assist, or train in.
So basically, my question is, was there ever a time that you were always starving being vegan, and if so, what did you do to overcome this? Does it just go away eventually? I’m so sorry to bother you … I will go to a dietitian, but I thought I’d ask you first. I’d appreciate any advice.

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Hi there! Great to hear from you πŸ™‚ And happy for your questions! I feel like after being vegan for 14 years (and vegetarian for 16), I can help! Hehe. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate.

Much like yourself, I consider myself an “active” person (well, when I’m not stuck in a van on tour lol). My absolute hero is a guy named Brendan Brazier who started the line of Vega supplements, bars and oils. The fact that you’re always hungry is a good thing. There have been times when my body literally *is* starving, from a literal lack of sustenance. A couple things I would recommend after being a sickly vegan, an unhealthy vegan, a fat vegan and finally, an aware vegan:

Get some Vega protein powder. I like the berry one…I just throw it in water and shake and it helps with achy muscles/recovery as well as delivers 100-150 per cent of your daily recommended vitamins and minerals AND MORE. Awesome right? It’s also great in smoothies with frozen berries, maybe a banana…whatever you like!
Then I’d pick up the vega omega oil (or any comparable brand). It’s an oil filled with anti-oxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9s and more. I put it on salad, stir fry, in soup….everything!!! You can even take it by itself. It’s not awesome on it’s own but basically there is zero places a vegan gets healthy brain skin and hair fat so this stuff is kinda it!

Another thing I do is use coconut oil to cook in. You’ll be amazed. Did you know olive oil, which most people use for cooking, actually turns in to a carcinogen when heated??? It also has the lowest burn temperature. Cooking with coconut oil Is a sincere treat.

Other than that I would say just focus on eating some type of protein (nuts, tofu, seitan, fake meat, edamame, leafy greens like spinach) and some type of healthy fat (uncooked olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocado) as often as you can and it should help. Protein and fat give you that “full” feeling…otherwise you’re just eating fruit and veggies and wasting away lol.

For recipe ideas I follow a lot of Vegans on Twitter and try my best to eat a balance of hearty, healthy food. One good thing about being Vegan is the massive quantity of food we have to eat to equal what a normal person would scarf down in a single burger πŸ˜‰

I also have a lot of recipe books filled with ideas that I’ve been relying on for over a decade. How It All Vegan was one of the first I ever got and I still go back to it.
Good luck you little ninja! πŸ˜€