Greetings from Newfoundland

Hi Guys, just thought I’d check in and let you know what I’ve been up to and what is coming up this year.

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After playing a hundred and whatever shows this year I’m taking the next couple months off to record some of the dozens of new songs I’ve written. What I’m most excited about though is HOW I’m doing the recordings…

I’ve made a list of all the new songs, checked it twice, and chosen some of my favourite people and places in North America that I missed and wanted to visit. For every session, I’m choosing a batch of songs based on the location in which they will be recorded.

Over the next year I will be releasing demos, videos, photographs, blogs and stories around how the songs were written, why I chose to record them in the places they were recorded, how they were tracked (and why) and any other fun stuff that may come about. So, essentially with every new batch of songs you will be able to look through a window and see everything about it, from how it was written to the final product.

Speaking of product, my new years resolution is to give away as much music as possible this year. There will still be an album, yes, but to thank those of you who pre-ordered it and thus helped fund these sessions, it time for me to Give Back. Music is my only way to thank you and luckily there are enough new songs to go around 😉

Stay up to date with the goings on by linking up with me on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and my Website.

This has been one of the funnest years of my life and I’m looking forward to an even more productive year in 2011. All the best to you out there, hope you are well and spending the holidays with loved one,

Stay Lost!