these city lights

Music Video?

In case ya didn’t know it, awhile back I shot a music vid with some pals.

I spent the first day covered in real and fake dirt, the first part of the second day in a dress with my hair and makeup all done up, and then the last part of the second day in real and fake dirt again.

Although I wasn’t in full wardrobe, I had mixed feelings while on the skytrain home after the shoot. I still had real and fake dirt in my hair, on my face and on my hands and under my nails.

It had been about 15 years since I was covered in only real dirt, riding the skytrain trying to kill some time cause it was cold and I didn’t know where to sleep. Although I didn’t spend too many nights like this (I tried to have a tentative “plan” more often than not…a friend, a neighbour, a relative…anything), there were a couple times I slept under a slide, in a park or in an unlocked car (it was raining). I remember being so pissed at Avril Lavigne when I saw that video where she’s in the pouring rain trying to get into a car. I remember thinking “You bitch! I’ve actually done that!” Anyway…I digress…

Whilst on said skytrain, you’d be surprised how different people act around you when you’re covered in makeup that’s supposed to make you look like a transient vagabond. Youre no longer an invisible commuter on the skytrain. Suddenly, everyone is AFRAID. They’re afraid of you, and whether they say or do anything to suggest it, you can just FEEL it. I could have tried to tell anyone I was homeless, “Listen, don’t worry! I’m actually a perfectly nice person PRETENDING to be homeless! You’ll never believe it…I actually shot a music video today and this dirt on my face and under my nails isn’t even real!!!”

Do you think they’d believe me?

There have been some mixed feelings about whether or not the “concept” of the vid suits the song…I leave that for you to judge. Feel free to leave a comment as well as check out my blog on the subject.

Well, here it be:

A Lil Sumthin About My Lil Ol Video

A friend of mine checked out the new video for These City Lights and said

The video looks fantastic, I just feel lost on the concept. (which is all me, I’m sure of it) haha It’s like I’m singing all the wrong words again. I still love it and I’m showing it to all my friends ♥

Fist of all, very nice way to ask a question. Oh why can’t we all be so kind!

The video is not really a “concept” video. There is no plot, time line, story to follow or script. Once again we began with an idea of what we were not/what we did not want to do, and ended with what we are.

The purpose of the contrasting characters is to portray just that…the contrast in society, sobriety, reality, dreamscapes and city scapes. At the end of the day it’s just me, and I’m just me, but I’m living in two different worlds. If these two characters were not me, would you perceive them differently? Would you, perchance, judge them?

Although they live in separate universes, they have some similarities. Sure, they’re both me. More importantly though, there is some heartbreak in there in both of them. And at the end of the day, isn’t there a little bit of heartbreak in all of us?

From islands apart we see the debutante and transient are actually very similar. Perhaps they are identical. And in our struggles and times of triumph alike, perhaps we all are.

A Lil Music Video

Some friends and I made a lil video for the song These City Lights. Please view and let us know what you thought: