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Rob at Kal Tire is a god.

Can I say that?

We went in to fix the tire that was making a weird noise on the highway and ended up finding a pretty serious problem with the coolant. A leak, actually.

Not only did Rob stay until EIGHT PM, two hours after they are supposed to be closed and he’s supposed to be home with his family, but he just so happens to have 15 years experience repairing Volkswagons.

Are we lucky, or are we lucky?

So many things could have gone wrong. I knew as soon as I started seeing the number 32 all the way down the highway in every situation possible that we would be okay. See, I have a rather weird thing that I adopted from a friend years ago. Seeing the number 32 means everything will be ok. I don’t tell a lot of people this, because I will likely get committed to the nearest insane asylum. I also believe wholeheartedly that the appearance of said number could be, entirely, the most amazing, wide-spread coincidence of my life.

At any rate, we made it to Kal Tire safe and sound, and were promptly informed that it’s a good thing the tire was making a noise!

After Kal Tire lent us their truck we got a bargain bin Hotel room and chilled out for a few. Then it was back to pick up The Greatest Car of All Time. Who tours in an ’87 VW Golf in Canada in January??? I do!!! 😀

Seriously though…this car is amazing. Much Respect little guy!

The show was not the best attended of the batch but the merch ratio was sure up there…every single person in the crowd bought something! So awesome.

The Slice in Lethbridge is a pretty sweet venue, employees and all. There is something I will always have a profound love for…a venue with a pinball machine. That is truly how I gauge a good venue or a great venue. Also, something to be said for a place that will feed you, water you and put you up for the night. Much love The Slice!
Now I’m in the passenger seat on my way to Saskatoon. It’s a 7 hour drive so I’m happy to get a bit of a break ☺

Really excited for Winnipeg. Then, we start heading West. Oh no! The beginning of the end! 😉

Til we meet again,