Biggest Fan Reviews Van Show

Todd says this doesn’t count cause my mom wrote it. i say it counts times ten! 😛

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Well now. For those of you who missed it …WOAH!

Billy was AWESOME tonight! She mesmerized the ENTIRE crowd from the moment she stepped onto the stage, playing her guitar, keyboard, harmonica (okay…mouth harp!) and singing her little heart out … until she stepped off … after the encore!

The club was filled with ‘All Fans Billy’ .. standing up to see & hear her…as she talked, laughed, told interesting & funny stories & joked with her fans! She had them ALL singing along … A M A Z I N G!

The entire crowd sang “Happy Birthday” (led by an old friend from high school) to help ‘ease the pain’ of the rotten birthday she had on the road…(thanks to one very miserable lady “Marnie” at the Communitea Cafe … that’s enought about her … don’t ever go there!) It was a very touching moment…

It was incredibly awe-inspiring to witness Billy’s skills & learn that she has mastered the art of taking hold of a crowd, coaxing them into the palm of her hand & keeping them there for the entire ride! Reminded me so much of Bim … back in the day! (for those of you who don’t know who Bim was … well, ya missed out on that one too!) lol

New song about the love of her life, Randall, is truly a beauty!

So hey … next time BE THERE .. you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Signed : Billy’s #1 Fan … her Momma! lol

Many thanks to ‘Aunty Elizabeth’ who made the trip in with me (on Skytrain no less!) and made it fun … not nearly as scarey as I thought it would be … hahaha…