Bee For A Day

Today, I was a bee.

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This is not a joke, and I have pictures (and video) to prove it.

Some friends of mine started this thing called ClickBee and if you’ve ever bought anything online, you have got to check them out. If you’ve never bought anything online, it’s time you started…it reduces emissions by 35%, saves you time and now, you get cash back every time you buy something.

Basically, anytime you buy anything online, you save money and get it back in the form of cash. So, every time you buy anything at all, from clothes to diapers to movies to books to guitar string to songs on iTunes, they send you a check in the mail.

It works on the same principle as Amazon except for that in Amazon’s case, they keep all the money. With these guys, you get it all back.

Some of the stores give you up to 25% back (some as much as 40%) and if you start switching to shopping online more and more, it’s crazy how much money you save. Also, it feels pretty good to get a check in the mail instead of a bill.

The best part, though, is all the stores you can save money at. They have over 2,000, everything from Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, iTunes, Guitar Center…the list just goes on and on. Imagine if everytime you went to buy a DVD, toilet paper, socks, music…anything at all, imagine getting up to 25% cash back.

Anyways, I really believe in these guys and not only did they build a great site that’s been saving us a ton of cash but they’re also great people too, with a tiny adorable daughter that I adore to bits. And, they let me be a bee for a day πŸ™‚

Visit them at and enter this code to join for free:


The ClickBeeMobile!

Look! I’m a bee! πŸ˜€

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