Art Matters (and Why I’m Doing This) – Public Post

I keep this book on my coffee table and read it at least once a week. All the way through.

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Do you ever find yourself, living in your own life…and you don’t remember who you are?

I was thinking about the times in my life when all I did was music. I wrote, toured recorded, and then repeated all that. Every once in awhile I would try to tackle a huge project like learning 31 Covers in 31 Days but mainly I just…coasted. If I had an idea, or a convenient collaboration popped up, it was something to do and usually enjoyable.

I don’t know what I did with the moments in between but I feel like there were so many moments in between when I was just doing nothing. So here I find myself, in my present day life, doing many somethings, and there’s no time to sit around and do nothing, which is the usual time when a song seems to write itself.

Every time someone comes to me to help finish an idea or figure out why (continued here…