If you don’t see too much of me it’s cause I spend most of my time on discord or with patrons (it never sat right with me that entities get to make bucks by selling our screen time).I officially have all the drums tracks for the New Album. People will ask “How Is This Album Different Than the Last” and we are used to hearing some semi-convoluted reply such as “It Is the Most Honest I Have Ever Been” or “It’s My Favourite Thing I Have Ever Done”.

I always struggled with this question because my mind goes right to: “Well, it’s still me, and it’s still my songs… I’m just hopefully a little less dumb now”.

This collection of songs is drastically different in that I wrote 31 songs in 31 days, and then patrons voted on which songs I should record. Two of the songs, I was sure I would never hear again. At least one I remember uploading and thinking “What Have I Done” because it was so unlike anything I’d written before, and was sure people would hate it.If you’ve ever thought about trying out being a supporter on this platform, now would be the perfect time. It’s only $1 a month or $10.41 for the whole year and you’ll get advance listens to the songs. I’ll be tracking over the next fews months and there are these things called lenses if you’re a $5 a month or $40 a year supporter that are kinda like stories in that they disappear within 24 hours. This is where I post video of tracks as I’m tracking them, including parts that may never make it, and me making a whole mess of mistakes and then laughing my face off.

Now would be a god time to give Patreon a try cause

a) I only make an album once every two years

b) many of the videos evaporate for all time within a day of being posted

c) the people who are a part of this community have been integral in this process. They voted for the songs, and will continue to be involved, for example: This Track of This Track, This Mix Vs. That Mix, etc.

Thank you,Billy


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