Against Me!/Northcote Tour Art Drive

Hi all.

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Gearing up for the Against Me! and Northcote tour dates in the UK (dates posted below). I managed to get myself a flight there…but don’t yet have a flight home! And with that, once again I turn to art…

Every day I will be posting one (or more) paintings to right here. Be sure to subscribe to or to be the first to know when the painting(s) of the day has been posted.

Have a good week,


1. Riverbank – SOLD

IMG_1484 IMG_1472

2. Cobble Stone Road – SOLD


3. Meet Me At the Riverbank and Tell Me I’m Yours – SOLD

IMG_1552 IMG_1547

4. Break – SOLD

IMG_1582 IMG_1595

5. Quiet – SOLD

IMG_1668 IMG_1655
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