12 New Songs For Free, One a Week For Just One Week Each

Hey gang, it’s me Brian… Billy’s manager. Thanks for visiting the all-new website. Pretty kick-ass eh? I’m going to be posting here every now and then, so I thought today was a great day to make my first post.

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Billy The Kid, Free Music Downloads from the upcoming album, Ours.

The wait is over. After months of raising cash via a very unique album pre-order campaign, Billy The Kids new fan-funded album is finished.

Well, kind of. We don’t have any physical copies yet, you’ll have to wait until September for that… but we do have the digital files!

The final mixes and masters for the appropriately titled album, Ours, just rolled in last week. And without skipping a beat we’re releasing the very first song today as a free download. But don’t hesitate, this free download is only available for one week. Next week this offer will be removed and replaced with yet another new song for a free download. And it too will only be available for one week.

We’re going to keep doing this every week for the next 12 weeks. And when all 12 of the songs have been given away… the physical packages will then be released to the world on www.billythekidonline.com.

Download the song from the widget right here and share the link with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Share the love, this freebie will only last for one week!

Oh yeah, how do you like the brand new and fully pimped out website?

~ Brian Thompson / Thorny Bleeder