So Far Gone (New Song Demo)

Movie Misfits Podcast

I was a guest on the Movie Misfits Podcast. We talked about collaboration, movie club and more.

Break Through S1 Ep 01 (New Podcast Episode)

Well. Here is Episode 1 of Break Through. I hope to get better at this, every aspect of it.

My intention is to post something, either a conversation or anecdote once a week.

This week I wanted to share with you some of the ways that I have been spending my time, as some of us have a little bit of extra time. My big themes this week are: Learning, and Movies. So here’s what I’ve been learning, and what I’ve noticed within that.

Whatever War You’re Fighting (Send A Raven Video)

Send A Raven is a project I’ve been writing with featuring Chris McDonald, Toph Barnes and 70s Kevin. We all write and play a couple instruments. 70s Kevin put this video together. Ir reminded me of how many laughs we’ve had. We almost have enough songs to release our first album. About half of the songs we’ve started recording and the other half are written just waiting to be recorded.

Long Day – Demo (The Lost Cause Outtake/2005)

Here’s an outtake that never made The Lost Cause. I think was recorded around 2005/2006.

Streamy Thing This Saturday

Here’s something I can get behind! My next streamy thing is Saturday August 8th from 5-7pm CST. A great cause and a great virtual event. In Birmingham? Purchase a Sidewalk Film Center and Cinema Cocktail Kit here:

Drinking at home during quarantine isn’t that fun. That’s why we decided to mix it up a bit! Here at Sidewalk, we’re passionate about movies, but unfortunately, our cinema is currently closed for the safety of our patrons. To help the show go on, we’re launching a Mix & Flix fundraiser event online. Pre-purchase 7 movie-inspired cocktail kits are on sale now, such as the French 75 from Casablanca and the margarita from Practical Magic! Get your kits online at and pick them up august 6-8. Our live event will be hosted on our Facebook page on August 8 from 5-7 and will feature drink demos, movie trivia, and local entertainment. Join the conversation online using #mixandflix

Let’s Watch A Movie Together

Successfully unattached myself from Amazon last month and now, after being banned for some very suspicious reasons, leaving Facebook as well. It has been nice to connect with people through all this, through groups and meme sharing. Hoping to continue with that, as it’s just Pizza and I here and it doesn’t look like isolation is going to be ending anytime soon here in Alabama (frowny face).

I realize (trust me, I know) that the last thing anyone wants to deal with is learning a new platform, but I’ve been getting to know Discord for the past 24 hours (lol) and it seems like a decent enough place (better than Facebook anyway, with all its ads and algorithms) to stay in touch and keep one another company. 

I invite you to join in, if you’d like to share some jokes, memes or watch a movie with us as we have been every night at 9pm CNT for the past 124 or something days. I think next week we will try a slightly earlier time, so it’s a little easier on the folks overseas. At least a few nights a week.

Let’s Watch A Movie Together:


The QuaranTimes:

Streamy Thing

Streamy thing tonight at 6pm CST. Will post the link at Make requests at

Streaming Show This Friday 6pm CST

Working on covers of “What A Wonderful World” and “The Story of An Artist” for this Friday’s 6pm CST Stream. Post requests and tune in here:

Live Stream This Friday

Live Stream This Friday, July 31st at 6pm CNT – Post Requests Here.