Music’s the only thing that makes sense anymore, man. Play it loud enough, it keeps the demons at bay.

This past year, I released 40 songs.

I have a bunch of new songs. As much as I would like to go into a professional studio and spend $10,000-$20,000 to record them, I don’t think that is feasible right now.

Most of the songs I’ve recently released I recorded in my living room. I would like to continue to do this, but I would like them to be better.

I’ve always moonlighted as an “Engineer” (and by that I mean: wished I was a better one! haha) and I feel like I am a couple pieces of gear away from making recordings that I’m really proud of right here in my home.

It’s also a more sustainable platform for me…I write a TON, and these ideas can either sit on a hard drive, or I can put them out into the world. You can either like them, or not. You can either preview them and buy/stream them, or not.

Some Gear I Really Need:

1 Shure SM7 Vocal Mic *BOUGHT!!!*
1 BOSS CE-2 Chorus Pedal *DONATED!!!*
1 set of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x *BOUGHT!!!*
1 set of Yamaha HS8 Speakers *BOUGHT!!!*
1 drumset *BORROWED!!!*

1 Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt *BOUGHT!!!*
1 used piano off of Craigslist *BOUGHT!!!*
1 AKG 414 Guitar Mic $650 on eBay
C 703 Bass traps: $100 on Amazon


Anything that is raised here because of you saintly human beings will chip away at this list. Anything above and beyond will go towards pressing copies of these new songs!

Thank you so much I love you!!!

Contribute to this endeavour here:


GothBot Gets It

If you’re interested in a painting, let me know at <315940998_10154020676657257_8683639656385213668_n


New PortraitBot now on eBay.

LightBot starts at $50.

Three day auction ending Sunday.


Christmas Presents

SURPRISE. Just in time for Christmas, I have prints available of some of my favourite paintings. I also have FRAMED prints, greeting cards, travel mugs, prints on canvas (just like a real painting) and iPhone cases.

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Pick Up Your Tiny Burden

Well, the year is almost over so I wanted to see if I could squeak out another “release”. As always, imagine in your brain that I was able to get back into a studio and record these well…you know. Here’s my best effort, in my home or with the help of friends. Hopefully the next batch of songs get to somehow be recorded with a band etc but for now, here’s “Pick Up Your Tiny Burden” a collection of things I made, forget about, and then found on my laptop


Good Times and Gypsies

Was very happy to get back in the studio and help out the Good Time Gypsies Music Series on a couple songs. Recorded at world class Nutthouse Studios in Sheffield, Alabama by Grammy Winning Producer Jimmy Nutt these songs feature some of Muscle Shoals’ most talented alumni…and then there’s me haha!


Surprise. Five New Songs.


Here’s another little video I made for the new album “I Have to Do This”. Get it here:


I have to do this

If the world were to end tomorrow, there is only one thing I would want. I would want to make one more album.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to do that and it doesn’t look like I’d be able to at any time soon. At first it seemed like Xtra Mile would help, then it looked like Laura from Against Me was interested. Last but not least, Ryan Adams called me on the phone and we talked about what the world needed and what it didn’t need. It was one of the best days of my life. Like a lot of things, none of it worked out.

So here it is. All I have. They were supposed to be demos, and I hope you listen to these songs and imagine what they might have been if things had somehow gone a different course. I made them in my living room, unable to work or leave the country, with nothing else to do and with a compulsion to create…something.

Thank you for listening. It was really something.